Former State Senator & City Council Member Tony Avella

“It’s my honor to endorse Donghui for City Council.  He and I have worked closely together on issues important to the community, such as, fighting for specialized high schools admissions test, opposing the local jails that are proposed, and fighting against Asian hate crimes.  And I hope that he gets elected and I get elected and we can work on the City Council together on these important issues. video

Assemblymember William Colton

“Donghui has a clear track record of doing the things that he is saying. It is so important to endorse somebody like Donghui Zang who is going to inspire more people to do the things that need to be done, who is going to speak up even when it is not popular to do so, and who is going to look at the facts before making public statements. I believe if you have those qualities, then you have elected officials that you can work with together with to solve the problems we face and to make the changes that are needed.” video

Council Member Robert Holden

“Donghui and I share the same values on public safety initiatives. This (Kew Gardens) jail will put the area at the risk of congestion and wastes billions of dollars. With Donghui in the Council as a supporter of rebuilding Rikers is certainly a very important feature in this race. There is no better candidate for City Council than Donghui. We are fortunate to have someone so well educated, so well meaning, and someone that possesses common sense.” video

Council Member Peter Koo

“I endorse Donghui not because he is a Chinese-American, but because he is a good man and can do a lot of things. He is the best candidate for City Council D29! He strongly opposes the jail and marijuana store to be built in the residential community. He cares about education and opposes eliminating the SHSAT and G&T program. He advocates public safety and opposes defunding police. He encourages people to get protected from and tested for the COVID-19 and contributed a lot during the pandemic” video

Former Assistant District Attorney Jim Quinn

“Donghui is a strong, principled opponent of the Mayor’s plan to close Rikers Island and build a jail in Kew Gardens. He believes, as do I, that we can rebuild the jails on Rikers Island into a world class jail facility for billions of dollars less and with no disruption to residential communities. He is a strong supporter of our police officers which is especially important in this time of rising crime. Our city needs Donghui to fight for us in the City Council.”

Professor Terry McCarthy, NYU

“I am happy to endorse Donghui Zang for the NYC City Council seat. His strong Financial Business experience as a former banker gives me confidence in his transformational insights in assisting NYC economic recovery problems. Additionally, Donghui is an outspoken advocate committed to NYC ‘s educational accountability programs.”

Queens Parents United

“Donghui Zang has been a strong advocate for school re-opening/recovery, supporting excellence in our local schools including honors, G&T, SHSAT, screened middle school programs, etc, and pushing for transparency and a community-led process for diversity initiatives.  Donghui has been an especially loud voice at CEC & PEP meetings over the past few years.”

Parent Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum and Education 

“PLACE NYC is the fastest growing parent advocacy group in New York City. We are proud to endorse Donghui Zang for City Council in District 29 Queens.”

NYC School Safety Coalition

We are proud to endorse Donghui Zang for City Council in District 29 which covers Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Rego Park, and Richmond Hill. Donghui is a strong advocate and passionate supporter for School Safety, Public Safety, and High Quality Education for ALL children. Donghui is the ONLY candidate running in the District 29 race with children in the public schools. We support parents who courageously stand up for our children and our communities.

New York City Parents Union

The New York City Parents Union is the leading independent, grassroots, policy making, parent-led organization in New York. The group believe that every child must have equal access to a high-quality education. The group also strongly support Parent Empowerment and School Choice. Donghui has been a vocal community leader who has fought alongside parents in demanding educational excellence.