Clean And Safe Streets

When fears of violence loomed, Donghui led volunteer patrol teams to drive through our neighborhoods and keep watch against malicious crimes. We should support the NYPD as officers risk their lives to protect our homes and families. Build cooperation and trust with local precincts to forge a safe harbor for all of us.

Clean and Safe Public Transportation

New Yorkers being pushed onto subway tracks and too many bystanders being shot. Families and visitors no longer feel safe walking down our streets. We all deserve to travel in safe and clean environments. Donghui will work to get more police and clean-up crews on our subways and have faster bus routes to better serve our community.

No Community Jail

Kew Gardens is no place for a skyscraper jail!  Donghui was on the frontlines of protests against the plan to build borough-based “community jails”.  Our vocal opposition must be matched with a bold voice in City Council.

Excellent Education For All

Academic excellence in NYC schools should be emulated, not eliminated. Donghui is constantly protecting student and parent interests. Since 2018, his relentless organizing helped ward off attempts to cancel the SHSAT. Furthermore, he exposed DOE’s failure to truly engage all stakeholders and blasted its top-down scheme to re-plan schools in D28. Read more about Donghui’s education fight here.

Covid Recovery

Throughout the pandemic, Donghui has been coordinating essential resources for our neediest neighbors (see more here). Besides distributing relief boxes on street-corners, he personally delivered food to home-bound elders and PPE to medical workers. Our families need a caring hand to overcome COVID-19 hardships.

Traffic Congestion and Bike Lanes

Do you regularly get stuck in traffic and feel frustrated? Donghui understands your pain. He will fight with the City to listen to our wants and needs. Our community deserves real community input to resolve heavy traffic congestion, reach fair compromises on bike lanes, and ensure areas like Austin Street and Yellowstone Boulevard won’t be congested again.

Improve Seniors’ Quality of Life

Donghui believes that our community is like a family. We only prosper if all members, from the youngest to oldest, are cared for and protected. During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Donghui sprang into action. He hand-delivered (hundreds of) essentials to our seniors and personally drove them to get their vaccination shots. Now and in the future, he will care for our elders’ physical and mental well-being and fight for them if harm comes their way.

Prosperous New York

Donghui strives to defend the future of our city.  Cap property tax so New Yorkers can afford to stay.  Provide tax relief & stimulus to re-energize local businesses.  Build more affordable housing and public service centers to embrace our growing population & cultural diversity.  We can all prosper together.